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We came out with Fund Raising Campaign in aid of Refugee Children’s Education

Refugees and undocumented asylum seekers are frequently among the most vulnerab le and marginalised groups in Malaysia today.

As of the end December 2018, some 164,000 refugees and asylum seekers have been registered with UNCHR in Malaysia. Of this number 44,000 are children below 18 years old. Regarded as “illegal” by the authorities they are denied the right to employment, access to affordable medical aid and basic schooling for their children.


Sensing need, Mizo Chin refugees applied received a one-time grant from UNHCR to start a community learning centre. With help from Hope EPC, Children Training Centre (CTC) opened its door in 2009.


Today the learning centre in Jalan Genting Klang neighbourhood continues to thrive and serve refugee families of various nationalities an d faiths.


In order to make education as accessible as possible for the refugee community, CTC intentionally keep its fees as low as we are able. This means slightly less than one third of CTC’s overheads are m et by the collection of fees.


Your generous support will give a refugee child an opportunity for a better tomorrow.


Please contact +60107711376 for donation or CSR activities collaboration opportunities.