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Members Categories:

Model, actor, actress, photographer, fashion designer, stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist, creative director, tv producer, film director, casting director.

Eligibility of Applicant:

Memberships open to international talents. Talents or models from worldwide are welcome to join.  Member must be holder of a valid travel document recognized by government in Asian countries.

Age group:

Children talent/ model:       2 months and above

Teenager talent/model:      12-15 years old

Adult talent/ model:              16 years old above

Premium Member Privilege  (Life time)

1. Opportunity to be listed in our database and showcase portfolio via our platform.

2. Opportunity to receive on-going sponsored products and services

2. Opportunity to receive modeling assignments, casting opportunities and jobs announcements.

3. Opportunity to attend sponsored self-development courses and image grooming course.

4. Opportunity to participate company’s official PR events, ceremonies, beauty contests, parties, celebrations, wine tasting events and fashion shows etc.

Registration fees: USD$100


Associate Member Priviledge

Opportunity to be listed in our database and showcase portfolio via our platform.

Registration fees: USD$50


Sign Up Process:

1. Email your profile to

2.  Qualified applicant will be invited to attend the preliminary interview via skype with the Carat Comms. Upon completion of the interview, the applicant will be officially register as our Premium Member or Associate Member.

3. The applicant must produce the following documents upon the preliminary interview:

a) The original and one photocopy of her valid travel document recognized by the government in Asian countries.

b) The original and one photocopy of each of her educational certificates.

Any enquiry feel free to email to Our team will answer your questions asap.