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Technology has transformed the way we find, connect with and grow our customers. As businesses and consumers increasingly move online, the barriers between you and your audience break down, and it becomes possible for companies to form more direct relationships with their clients. Leveraging PR way to establish relationships and trust with your customers will help you succeeding in this world. PR is how businesses establish trust with consumers. It’s basically a third-party endorsement. With traditional media now supplemented by social media and online content, good PR makes the connection with your customers a two-way street. 


 Below are the variety of services in our PR kit that we provide to build your PR momentum:

 1. Content generation

 2. Press release/article writing

 3. Context creation

 4. Personal branding 
 5. Marketing video
 6. Targeted audience outreach

 7. Media relation


1. Content Marketing

Building trust through authentic story-telling that goes beyond entertainment to ROI. In  these times, when digital PR is becoming more prominent, content becomes a key factor to determining your face value. To stand out from the crowd, one needs to ensure high-quality content on all the online forum to make your representation strong. We help to generate high quality content and create stories about your product or service consistently that will get attention of others. We promote on the di gitial media and  social media to create awareness, boost engagement and activity. 

 Project references available upon request.


2. SEO keywords article writing 

Use a PR article as an advertisement and promote it to engage new audiences. You should find every opportunity to get your message in front of people multiple times.  Only 2 percent of people make a purchase with one exposure. We will write the article that relate to your product that is valuable and we make sure our content relates the media channel that cover for the best results.

 Articles references available upon request.

 3. Create newsworthy context around your product or service

When GOOD NEWS happens to your company, it’s your job to spread the word. Whether it’s an achievement, human-interest stories that relate o your product’s value, getting that information in front of people is crucial. Newsworthy content stands out and attracts media and consumers. We create newsworthy context that make your products and services stand out.

 Articles references available upon request.


4. Personal branding and IP creation

We provide branding services for corporate product and services, personality such including talent, model, artist and entrepreneur. We arrange media interview and video recording as marketing tactics to promote the personalities.

Video references available upon request.


5. Marketing video creation

We provide video content creation, execution and video marketing services for corporate and individual to raise their profile in the industry.

Videos reference available upon request.

6. Targeted audience

Apart from generate content, we also help to outreach to your target audience through our media network, handle the media to achieve best PR results.

7. Media relation

Irregardless of online campaign, offline campaign or virtual event, we can position your brand in front of the over thousand of media professionals for publicity.

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