Grow The Diamond In You
Entrepreneur Grooming and Style Programme
Golden Rules In Business Etiquette and Dressing For Modern Business and Career Woman
          Like diamonds in the rough, it takes concentrated effort and expert guidance to reveal what we posses.  We believe everyone can shine from inside out with proper image grooming and etiquette education and coaching.  Our grooming and style programme educate you about the golden rules specialise in transforming your image through dressing, image development, communication skills, business etiquette and body language. Our topics covering image grooming skill workshop, corporate image workshop, wardrobe, fashion, style, personality analysis, entrepreneurship and public speaking.
         Our speaker Michelle Chan, employee style manager from Galaxy Entertainment Macau and  Colour Me Beautiful Hong Kong personally educate and guide you through her workshop combine the essential make up skills, colour matching for clothing and make up and other substance that you help you portray and radiate credibility, confidence and competence in all scenarious.  Michelle used to in charge of image grooming program of Galaxy Entertainment Macau covering image training and and upkeep the style guide of the wardrobe of all the front of house staffs for hotel operations, casino operations and F&B outlets.

Personal Grooming Training

Does your personal image communicate the best of your personal and professional self? No matter what industry you may be in, the clothes you wear and the manner you present yourself in has a great impact on your succes and career development.

Competitive is fierce and your image can make or break your success. To be in control of of the direction you are heading in, your image needs to be taken seriously, especiallyif you want it to work for you.

Topics Cover:

Colour consultation

Make-up lesson

One to one coaching

Colour Consultation



You may want to wear more colours but it can be difficult to know which ones suit you best.  Wearing the right colour will make you look younger, fitter and healthier.  Our colour consultation will help you understand which colours complement your natural colouring and personality. Through the colour consultation, you will get advice and tips on make-up colours that suit you naturally.


duration: 1 hour 30 min.

take away: 1 42 colour swatch wallet to use as a guide when shopping

Make-up Lesson


Are you unsure about how best to apply make-up for a natural look? What is the best skin care for you? Would you like to update your application techniques using colours that are right for you? Our make-up lesson will show you a fast and simple make-up routine,make-up colours that suit you naturally, application tips for a long lasting look.


duration: 1 hour

take away: a personalised 12-page Beauty Workbook full of tips


Corporate Image Training


Image grooming either individual or corporate is very important in creating positive first impression and create excellent impact. Grooming is the most important in the hospitality industry as first impression counts. The objective of corporate image grooming is to achieve the professional look. Possess tidy and modest grooming may impress and win over a customer without a single word being spoken.  Likewise, a badly groomed frontline staffs may result in a negative impression from a customer towards the company.

Our grooming team working with corporation able to transform of their staff’s image and brand identity through wardrobe, image development, communication, business etiquette, corporate & personal image training. We design and develop image grooming program to educate and assess the staffs about the grooming standard of the corporation.

Apart from image, we also emphasize on communication and etiquette.  The way the front of house staff communicate with the customers, colleagues, the working attitude, mannerism  affect the impression we create for our customers. Their welcoming gestures, greetings, eye contacts and smiles are the most important part of the business etiquette for a creating positive first impression to customers.

Topics Cover:

1. Corporate Image Identity & Branding

2. Corporate Grooming for doing business

3. Style Guide For wardrobe/uniform aligned with company’s branding direction

4. Business and Social Etiquette including Networking, Wine Tasting and Dining Etiquette

5. Body Fitness Training and Coaching (Practical Activity)

6. Cultural Awareness

7. How to Apply For Dream Job and Interview Technique

8. Stage Presentation and Public Speaking Training and Coaching (Practical activity)


Business and Social Etiquette Training


The learners will learn about The Right Etiquette In Dealing With High Net worth Clients.

Our Training Topics:

1.  Personal Grooming

2. Business Dress Code

3. Networking & Communication Skills

4. Event and Social Etiquette

5.  Western & Eastern Table Dining Manners and Wine Knowledge

If you are entreprenuer or aspiring entrepreneur, business or career woman, students, come and join us to learn the skills needed to succeed in business and life.

Our skill based training packaged with a lot of activities for learners to practice their skills and interaction.


Public Speaking  Training – How to sell yourself with confidence

The learners will learn from experienced trainer on the skills needed for effective public speaking and practice it through fun and interactive practical activities. We train the students from age 4 to 80.