Event Planning

Carat Comms in an integrated event marketing agency in new digital age.  We combine event, marketing, IT & entertainment strategy to promote your brand effectively to the world.  We help companies reach out potential customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty with event strategy integrate with public relations and social media strategy.  We plan calendar of events through online media and compliment with offline event to increase the brand awareness, improve face to face communications of your brand with the market and thus grow your business. Our specialties are event planning and strategy, public relations, advertising, social  media, advertising and promotions, sponsorship and marketing. We offer event productions of different style, themes that match your preference and suit your needs and vision. Our clients are from various industries including media, hospital,  property developments, education, retail, fashion, F&B, professional services etc. We consult,concentualise, plan and organise a wide variety of events including exhibition,  seminar, workshop, conference, gala dinner, award presentation ceremony, social events, sports event, festive celebration,  festival, product launching, conference and talents search contest.

Our creative team behind the great idea consist of event designer, graphic designer, public relations expert, photographer, videographer and digital marketing specialist. With passion and creativity,  we identify the needs and  objectives of the customers, provide them with strategic and effective solutions to achieve their business goals. We help organisation interact better with their customers, partners, employees through event strategy.

Event marketing is one of the most effective face to face marketing tool to reach the potential customers and expand business network. Company can invite their target audience to attend their hospitality and PR event such as red carpet events, product launching, exhibitions, cocktail parties, golf tournament etc.

Our services including consultation on event ideas, event strategies, event execution, graphic designing, publishing, media relations, logistics management and brand building.  We provide the services based on client’s needs, style and budget.  With the experience of organising various local and international events, we are confident that we can create an impactful event for you regardless of your business, industry, project, presentation or idea.

Social Media and Public Relations

Apart from event planning and design, we create digital marketing program including email marketing, social media marketing (facebook, youtube, instagram) to publicise the event during the before and after phase. Our creative, up-to-date ideas enables client to connect with customers, partners and employees  in a completely fun and interactive way.  Our PR team can plan out media strategy, create press releases and publicise your brand through news releases on major mainstream newspapers and online media.

Talent Management

As talent search agent, we offer talents for performances.  We provide local and international talents especially well known European DJs, music bands, Mexican and American dancers  to events, advertisements, promotional campaign, exhibitions and MV shooting, entertainment clubs and hotels. Our talent delegates are represented and won awards in international contests.

Alisa from Ukraine

Alisa from Ukraine

Alisa represented in Miss Scuba International pageant by Carat Comms

Alisa represented in Miss Scuba International 2013 pageant by Carat Comms


Why choose us

We provide customised online and offline solutions for organisation.

Our ideas up to date, compact and trending.

We are resourceful with large strategic partnership network in media, online and offline platform.

We ensure return-on-investment on your budget costing in event and marketing.

We have large local and international database DJs, musical bands, dancers and models to hype up the events.


About the Founder

Our founder Michelle Chan as over 17 years of experience in event planning, public relations, advertising and promotions, social media and marketing.  She is passionate about all things in events, public relations and entrepreneurship.

Register your details with us to receive some examples of event planning styles that match your preferences or email or contact us at 0107711376.



佳領活动策划有限公司便是馬來西亞活动策划公司,从事大型国際活动與公关活动策划,会展策划,选美大赛制作等专业综合性服务公司。擁有17年的活动與公关活动的策划與執行经驗,企业活动包括晚宴,啟动礼,座谈会,会議,派对等等。我们在策划及会展行销方面拥有丰富经验. 我们也是活动模特儿與人力資源经紀,我们針对公司的不同的需求,提供人力资源,如模特儿,促销人员,专业主持人,司仪等,给有需要的企业,展览,促销会,路演等公关活动。

我们对市场有敏锐的观察力,不断保持创新及跟上市场步伐来迎合客户的需求。我们与客户分享最新市场趋势,市场策略來決定最適合公司的活动格式。我们曾经负责的大型制作是 2012年 亚州小姐竟赛(马来西亚赛区)选美赛制作, 2013 与2014 年国際潛水小姐(新加坡賽区)等等选美大赛. 我们的服务范围包括:活动策划,公关活动,产品推介,媒体啟动大会,品牌设计包装,摄影造型,产品代言,展销会,形像仪容座谈会.

  • 我们設計量身设计市场行销活动
  • 我们有强大的媒体宣传资源
  • 我们擁有广阔的战略伙伴网络
  • 我们建立互联网互动平台
  • 与国内外模特儿與艺人包持良好与长远的合作关系


除了活动策划服務,我们也提供西方礼仪與形像培訓課程,目標是 幫助个人與公司建立良好的个人與公司品牌與形象,加強社交能力來提升職場,客戶,社交圈的競爭力。課程內容包括西方或国際礼仪的社交礼仪,商业礼仪,餐桌礼仪,形像仪容的形像,行为,风度,言談,演講。我们的形象培訓導師陳老師考獲香港 Colour Me Beautiful形象顾问文憑,曾擔任澳门銀河員工形象經理,拥有16年的形像與商业礼仪的培訓经驗,熟悉中西方礼。学习形象礼仪越早开始越好, “好的开始就是成功的一半”.




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